Paradise Grills Recalls Outdoor Kitchens Due to Fire and Burn Hazards

By JohnGas Explosions, Personal Injury

This is a product recall that is about one-year old.  But it carries a larger message: The message is that any cabinet or enclosure housing a propane or natural-gas grill, and which does not have proper ventilation, is a real safety concern.  Here is what the Paradise Grills recall says: Hazard: Liquid propane (LP) gas can accumulate inside the …

Carbon Monoxide Deaths Are Far Too Common in Texas

By JohnPersonal Injury

This very recent article out of Hidalgo County, Texas concerns something that, tragically, occurs far too often in Texas and elsewhere: deaths due to carbon monoxide poisoning because of use of gas or diesel fired engines inside structures We do not know the details of what happened beyond what is written in this article.  However, too many people fail to …

Dangers of Tourism Accidents in Ft. Worth

By JohnPersonal Injury

No one expects to be injured while on vacation. You have chosen the Ft. Worth area, the top tourist destination in Texas, where 9.4 million people visit each year. The last thing you probably considered was the possibility of having an accident while in the area, but it happens. Here’s what you can do after an unexpected injury in Fort …

Have Some (Crowd) Control!

By JohnPersonal Injury

Many people find concerts, sporting events, and parades enjoyable. Being together with like-minded fans can be fun and exciting – but sometimes, it can also be dangerous. There are many reasons why crowds can become unruly, leading to injuries or even fatalities. It may be as simple as having too many people in a small space.

Do You Know the New 2019 Laws in Texas?

By JohnPersonal Injury

Each year in the United States, thousands of new laws are passed by state legislatures. Last year, the Texas legislature gave merchants the option to require photo identification with every debit or credit purchase, gave voters alternative options for identification, and required commercial health insurance providers to dictate more comprehensive coverage for breast cancer prevention.

Think Twice Before Taking the Escalator

By JohnPersonal Injury

The machines we use to go about our lives each day don’t seem dangerous. We don’t think twice about getting in our cars to drive to and from work, but it’s the most dangerous thing most Americans do on a given day. If you live in a metropolitan area, taking an escalator to the train or inside your office building …

Are Artists Responsible for Injuries at Their Concerts?

By JohnPersonal Injury

In April 2017, a young man attending a Travis Scott concert was left paralyzed after being pushed from a third-story balcony and then dragged on stage while the rapper performed at Terminal 5 in Manhattan. Subsequently, the man sued Mr. Scott and his manager, the concert promoter, which runs Terminal 5 and put on the show, and the security company …

In a Texas Hunting Accident, Who May Be Liable?

By JohnPersonal Injury

Overall, hunting is getting safer and safer each year. More people are graduating from hunter education courses, and incident and fatality rates are decreasing. In fact, data shows that hunting is one of the safest recreational activities in America.

Confusion Surrounds Houston Toxic Waste Leak

By JohnPersonal Injury

Although Hurricane Harvey made landfall months ago, the storm is still fresh on Texas residents’ minds, especially those living in areas still feeling Harvey’s effects. ESPN’s FiveThirtyEight reported that the storm was one of the most damaging natural disasters in U.S. history. Harvey has cost the United States billions of dollars, set a record for tropical rainfall in any one …

How to Ensure You Are Buying Only Safe Toys This Holiday Season

By JohnPersonal Injury

With Christmas just around the corner, you likely have been keeping your eye posted for good deals at stores like Walmart, Best Buy, and Target when shopping for your children. However, you should also be paying attention to whether these toys are safe. Toys made for children include information on the box about the ideal age range of the child …

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