SMU Student Killed in Crash with Suspected Drunken Driver who Ran Red Light in Dallas

We have blogged several times previously regarding this awful subject matter: drinking and driving. This sad incident happened about 6 months ago right in the middle of Dallas. It is reported here. According to the article, the lady alleged to be drunk and driving had consumed, at a local bar in the West Village, a “single margarita infused with tequila …

On The Border Investigated For Alcohol Violations in Texas 

By CAMlawDram Shop Law, Drunk Driving Accidents

Alcohol is big business for restaurants and bars in the Dallas area, but owners and bartenders need to keep more in mind than their bottom line when serving alcohol in Texas. If an over-served customer harms themselves or others while intoxicated, the establishment could be held liable in court under the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Code, sometimes called the Dram Shop …

Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar Investigated For Liquor Law Violations 

Dallas-founded pub chain Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar is known for three things: its Original Better Burger, its alleged ghost sightings, and, unfortunately, its lax attitude toward state laws on serving alcohol.   Several Snuffer’s locations have been investigated by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) in recent years for violations such as allegedly serving minors and customers who were already seriously …

Potential Dram Shop Civil Case: Too Many Vodka Red Bulls Reportedly Leads to Tragedy in Dallas-Fort Worth

By JohnDram Shop Law, Drunk Driving Accidents

This is a truly heartbreaking story involving the death of an off-duty Euless police officer and severe injuries to his wife and their children due to an apparently very drunk driver, Dylan Molina. According to the story, “A witness told investigators that Molina fled after the wreck. Police said his breath smelled of alcohol and he was acting intoxicated. According …

Congress Mandates New Car Technology to Stop Drunk Driving

By JohnCar Accidents, Drunk Driving Accidents

We have blogged many, many times about the dangers of drunk driving, oftentimes lamenting that many people are inherently irresponsible and will drink and drive, no matter the dangers and tragic consequences. But here is a fascinating article that addresses the possibility of using technology to remove the choice to drink and drive. According to the article: “Congress has created …

Suspected drunk driver charged for Arlington crash killing man, pregnant woman, unborn child

Suspected drunk driving takes more lives in North Texas. This time, the tragedy occurred on Highway 360 south nearby the Arlington/Mansfield city line. A man, a pregnant woman, and their unborn child were killed in this awful event. The event occurred on the road’s shoulder during the changing of a flat tire. The allegedly intoxicated suspect apparently swerved onto the …

Medicated Driving Is as Dangerous as Drunk Driving

By JohnDrunk Driving Accidents

“Don’t drink and drive.” You’ve heard it over and over again for years, and you are aware of the strong stigma attached to drinking and driving. But have you ever heard “don’t take your prescription medication and drive?” It’s not quite as catchy. It is, however, just as important of a message.

Summertime Drunk Driving in Texas

By JohnDrunk Driving Accidents

You meet up at the local restaurant after work to celebrate a big sale, or for finishing out another school year, or just to enjoy a beautiful summer evening in Texas. Your friends have a few drinks. You’re not feeling good and not having fun. You get in your car and drive home uneventfully. Your pal gets behind the wheel …

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