School Bus Scofflaws

By JohnCommercial Vehicles

School buses carry our most precious cargo. It seems unnecessary to state that these mass transport vehicles filled with children should be held to a high safety standard, and that drivers need to follow the rules of the road. But many bus drivers do not.

Increase in Dallas County School Bus Accidents

By JohnCommercial Vehicles

School bus drivers are held to heightened standards. They are required to deliver students on time 95% of the time while being expected to adhere strictly to all the rules of the road. How can a school bus driver maintain safety as a top priority, when school boards focus on timeliness? How, indeed. A 103% increase in school bus crashes …

Smartphone App Places Truck and Bus Safety Data at Your Fingertips

By JohnCommercial Vehicles

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently released a Smartphone app that will let the public see updated safety information on interstate trucking and bus companies. The app is called “QCMobile.” “QC” stands for “Query Central.” The purpose of the app is to make it easy for drivers, passengers, law enforcement officials, insurers, brokers, and other interested individuals to …

Trucker Browsing Facebook on Phone Causes Fatal Accident

On May 6th of this year, several emergency medical officials were responding to a car accident on Interstate 8 in Arizona. The scene’s response team had been wrapping up the rescue operation when another emergency struck. A paramedic on the scene reported that he had just put the last victim in the ambulance when 33-year-old Juan Espinoza’s fuel tanker rammed …

The Danger of Jackknife Truck Crashes in Texas

By JohnCommercial Vehicles

When a tractor trailer jackknifes, the trailer will fold into the vehicle, forming an acute angle with the tractor. Jackknife truck accidents are extremely dangerous to the driver and to anyone near the out-of-control vehicle. It’s common for these types of truck crashes to result in serious injuries and death. Jackknife accidents can result in a rollover, a runaway trailer …

18-Wheeler Truck Accident on I-35 Kills Driver

By JohnCommercial Vehicles

This weekend a truck accident on Interstate 35 killed the driver when the tractor-trailer slammed into a bridge support in Lorena. The 18-wheeler accident occurred at 4 a.m. when the southbound tractor-trailer crashed into a bridge pillar, which moved the concrete support off its base. A large crane was used to pull the truck and trailer up the embankment and …

Twenty Percent of Commercial Vehicles Fail Safety Standards

By JohnCommercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles are some of the most troubling roadway hazards–and according to a recently released report, they may be only getting more dangerous. Thousands of buses and trucks were taken off the road in 2010 due to faulty brakes, tire problems, and broken lights. In 2010, about 16% of car crash fatalities involved a commercial vehicle. Additionally, this year, the …