Pedestrian Crosswalk Systems May Not Be Reliable

By JohnPedestrian Accidents

In 2017, the United States saw an alarming rise in pedestrian deaths. So did Texas. According to the Los Angeles Daily News, there were 6,000 pedestrian fatalities, marking an 11% increase from the year before. Pedestrians now account for the largest proportion of traffic deaths in a quarter-century.

Interstate 635 Accident Leaves Mesquite Pedestrian Dead

By JohnPedestrian Accidents

A 22-year-old Mesquite resident lost her life in late December when she was hit by a car on Interstate 635. The woman’s car had broken down on the interstate near Abrams Road in Far Northeast Dallas. According to officials, she was attempting to cross the highway when she was struck twice, first by a truck and then by a Chevy …

4 Tips for Preventing Pedestrian Accidents

By JohnPedestrian Accidents

As the cooler air slowly makes its way to Texas, you might see more pedestrians walking around Dallas and enjoying the fall breezes. But watch out, because in the next 24 hours, on average, more than 460 people will be treated in an emergency department for traffic-related pedestrian injuries from a pedestrian accident. When you are a pedestrian, it’s important …

How to Avoid School Zone Accidents

By JohnCar Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents

As summer ends, many children in Texas will be out on the roads making their way to school. It’s vital that you know how to drive in school zones because about 100 children are killed each year in America while walking to or from school, and around 25,000 are injured. In order to avoid tragic pedestrian accidents, here are four …

What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident

By JohnPedestrian Accidents

During the summer, there are more pedestrians in Dallas enjoying the bright, sunny weather. It is nice to walk around town, but it can be very dangerous. In 2010, there were 4,280 pedestrians killed and 70,000 were injured in traffic accidents in America. To help you know what to do in case you are ever in a pedestrian accident, here …

How to Drive Safely in Pedestrian Areas

By JohnPedestrian Accidents

During summer, more pedestrians are walking around Dallas and enjoying the sunshine. That’s why it’s important to know how to drive safely in areas of Dallas with high pedestrian traffic, so you can protect yourself from getting in a pedestrian accident. Here are four tips on how to drive safely in pedestrian areas: Know when to yield: In America, most …

5 Pedestrian Safety Tips

By JohnPedestrian Accidents

As the weather starts to warm up, more Dallas residents will be outdoors walking, running and biking. This means there will be a higher chance of Dallas pedestrian accidents, which occur more often than you would think. Between 2001 and 2009, there were 522 pedestrian deaths in Dallas county. To help protect you and your loved ones from pedestrian accidents, …

Back to School Safety Tips for Texas Drivers

By JohnPedestrian Accidents

Schools across Texas are back in session, so drivers will need to look out for young pedestrians around school zones. According to The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, 55 million children across the United States are back at school and 13 percent of them walk or ride their bikes to school. In order to keep children safe, here are tips …

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