SMU Student Killed in Crash with Suspected Drunken Driver who Ran Red Light in Dallas

We have blogged several times previously regarding this awful subject matter: drinking and driving. This sad incident happened about 6 months ago right in the middle of Dallas. It is reported here. According to the article, the lady alleged to be drunk and driving had consumed, at a local bar in the West Village, a “single margarita infused with tequila …

Congress Mandates New Car Technology to Stop Drunk Driving

By JohnCar Accidents, Drunk Driving Accidents

We have blogged many, many times about the dangers of drunk driving, oftentimes lamenting that many people are inherently irresponsible and will drink and drive, no matter the dangers and tragic consequences. But here is a fascinating article that addresses the possibility of using technology to remove the choice to drink and drive. According to the article: “Congress has created …

Suspected drunk driver charged for Arlington crash killing man, pregnant woman, unborn child

Suspected drunk driving takes more lives in North Texas. This time, the tragedy occurred on Highway 360 south nearby the Arlington/Mansfield city line. A man, a pregnant woman, and their unborn child were killed in this awful event. The event occurred on the road’s shoulder during the changing of a flat tire. The allegedly intoxicated suspect apparently swerved onto the …

Hit and Injured or Killed by a Drunk Driver? The Bar or Restaurant Where the Driver Was Drinking Can Be Sued for Damages in Texas

By JohnCar Accidents, Dram Shop Law

Now that bars and restaurants are re-opening to full capacity in the wake of Covid-19, we in Texas need to be particularly mindful of drunk drivers.  Yes, they are out there every day and night, on roads and highways everywhere in Texas.  It is common sense that drinking to excess and driving is wrong and deadly.  While those who drink, …

Street Racing Continues to Plague Dallas – With Deadly Results

By JohnCar Accidents

The pandemic is directly or indirectly responsible for much suffering. Perhaps because of pandemic-induced boredom, incidents of street racing in the Dallas-Forth Worth area have skyrocketed. The reckless driving inherent in street racing has led to death and destruction. Residents and city government officials are appealing to state lawmakers and the police to crack down on the behavior. On November …

3 Dead After Wrong-Way Crash in Haltom City, Police Say

By JohnCar Accidents, Dram Shop Law

It breaks our heart to have to blog about this yet again (this is about the third time in the past couple of months), but here is a news report about another wrong-way, likely intoxicated driver that has caused immense tragedy on North Texas roads. Three deaths.  Just awful. The crash happened at about 8:35 p.m. Sunday evening (August 30) …

Fewer Drivers on the Road Leads to More Aggressive Drivers

By JohnCar Accidents

Here is a very recent article discussing the somewhat-surprising fact that even though fewer drivers have been on the road over the past few months (during the COVID-19 pandemic), the ones that have been driving are more aggressive and thus have been the target of law enforcement and increased numbers of citations . Come on, folks.  The aggression needs to …

Wrong-Way Accidents: They’re More Common Than You Think

By JohnCar Accidents

Each day, most of us travel along highways, city roads, and suburban streets with the understanding that other drivers will follow basic traffic rules. One of the simplest rules? To always drive in the correct lane, never placing yourself in a position where you are heading toward oncoming traffic. Unfortunately, not every driver follows this basic law.

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