Casino Construction Worker Struck by Lightning

By JohnConstruction Accidents, Personal Injury

A construction worker working on a casino project in Atlantic City, New Jersey died after being struck by lightning during a bad thunderstorm. The workers were pouring concrete during the storm. They were getting worried as the sky grew darker and the wind grew stronger and the flashes of lightning grew closer. They kept working though because they were told to. …

BP Gulf Oil Spill Victims Receive Settlement

By JohnPersonal Injury

BP will probably pay out $7.8 billion in settlement money to the more than 100,000 victims of the most horrendous offshore oil spill in American history. Those who are waiting for the money can take the settlement or sue. The spill, which occurred on April 20, 2010, harmed tidal estuaries, and beaches, and killed wildlife along with the Gulf’s commercial fishing …

Honda Recalls 2008 – 2009 Odyssey Minivans

By JohnPersonal Injury

If you or your family member has a Honda Odyssey 2008-2009 minivan it may be one of the almost 46,000 that were recently recalled. There are concerns that the rear doors may be defective and can potentially harm users, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Wednesday. The rear door gas-filled struts that help raise and support the lift gate …

Crane Cable Snaps at World Trade Center Construction Site

By JohnPersonal Injury

Fear rippled through the construction workers at the World Trade Center construction site when a crane cable snapped and thousands of pounds of steel flew down 40 stories onto a flatbed truck. It almost crushed the crane operator to death, but miraculously he was left unhurt. The entire building shook and there was chaos as the workers ran around trying …

Father Saves Son from Unsafe Construction Site

By JohnPersonal Injury

An Albuquerque father dove into 10-feet of sewage to save his 5-year-old son who had fallen into an uncovered manhole in the middle of a construction zone. While the family was taking an evening walk, the metal cover that should have been on the manhole was gone. The boy had run ahead and fell in. The father jumped into the …

Rescued Dog Bites NBC Anchor in the Face

By JohnPersonal Injury

It was supposed to be a feel-good segment on a local TV newscast until the dog bit the news anchorwoman in the face. The piece was about a dog that had been rescued from ice by a heroic firefighter. The 3-year-old Argentine Mastiff, Gladiator Maximus, attacked the anchorwoman at NBC’s KUSA Denver affiliate during a live, in-studio segment. The anchor …

Pit Bull Attack

By JohnPersonal Injury

A man who used his pit bull as a weapon was arrested by Nassau Bay police last week. According to police, he had his pit bull attack his two neighbors. The neighbors were arguing with the man when he told his dogs to attack them. One victim was bitten in the ankle and needed six stitches, and the 16-year-old victim …

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