Are Artists Responsible for Injuries at Their Concerts?

By CAMlawPersonal Injury

In April 2017, a young man attending a Travis Scott concert was left paralyzed after being pushed from a third-story balcony and then dragged on stage while the rapper performed at Terminal 5 in Manhattan. Subsequently, the man sued Mr. Scott and his manager, the concert promoter, which runs Terminal 5 and put on the show, and the security company …

Dispatchers Ignore Callers, Should Be Held Liable

By CAMlawPolice Misconduct

In July 2015 in New Mexico, a 911 dispatcher received a call from a woman attempting to keep her friend alive after he suffered a gunshot wound at a house party. Both the caller and the dispatcher became frustrated and the following conversation ensued:

Airbnb Incident Shows Off America’s Racist Side

By CAMlawPolice Misconduct

Recently, three black Airbnb guests were met by seven police cars as they attempted to check out of their rental unit in California. The neighbor who called the police made the call because the departing guests didn’t wave back to her or smile at her. The woman said the guests were unfamiliar in the neighborhood and looked suspicious carrying their …

In a Texas Hunting Accident, Who May Be Liable?

By CAMlawPersonal Injury

Overall, hunting is getting safer and safer each year. More people are graduating from hunter education courses, and incident and fatality rates are decreasing. In fact, data shows that hunting is one of the safest recreational activities in America.

To Eat or Not to Eat: Food Recall Safety

By CAMlawFood Poisoning

A recent National Public Radio report detailed American shortcomings in recalling tainted food, which is taking too long to be removed from store shelves, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. During a review, federal investigators found that food companies took a shocking average of 57 days to recall items after the FDA was informed of the …

When You Shouldn’t Trust the Badge

By CAMlawPolice Misconduct

In early February 2018, a New Jersey police officer was criminally charged after being accused of domestic violence and harassment two days in a row. The 27-year-old officer reportedly burst into a woman’s home and slapped a man in the face after refusing to leave the residence. A day later, he harassed a woman at a restaurant and then followed …