Carbon Monoxide Deaths Are Far Too Common in Texas

By CAMlawPersonal Injury

This very recent article out of Hidalgo County, Texas concerns something that, tragically, occurs far too often in Texas and elsewhere: deaths due to carbon monoxide poisoning because of use of gas or diesel fired engines inside structures We do not know the details of what happened beyond what is written in this article.  However, too many people fail to …

Wound Care in Texas Nursing Homes

By CAMlawNursing Home Abuse & Neglect

A high number of residents in nursing homes in the United States and in Texas suffer from wounds on an almost daily basis. According to the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics, nursing home residents today tend be older than those over a decade ago, and also tend to have more preexisting conditions that …

Blood Tests for Alzheimer’s Disease in Development

By CAMlawNursing Home Abuse & Neglect

We read yesterday in the New York Times about an exciting development in the ability to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease via a mere blood test.  In the past the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, as opposed to dementia or other form of brain disorder causing cognitive impairment, has been very difficult, expensive, and oftentimes inaccurate.  This difficulty, inaccuracy, and cost have created …

Home Depot and Safavieh Recall Dressers Due to Tip-Over Hazard

By CAMlawProduct Liability, Product Recall

We blogged about this subject matter last week: furniture tip overs.  This is an informative, recent article from Consumer Reports about a couple of dressers recalled back in February 2020 because they pose a dangerous tipping hazard. This is a very sobering quote from the article: “There are no reported incidents associated with either of the recalled dressers. But the …

Polaris Recalls Ranger Off-Road Vehicles and PRO XD and Bobcat Utility Vehicles Due to Crash Hazard

By CAMlawProduct Recall

It’s summertime in Texas and elsewhere, so that means use of off-road vehicles at ranches and farms.  That use will continue through the fall and winter during hunting seasons for deer and other game.  Off-road vehicles can be particularly dangerous.  Some have been defectively designed to roll over too easily or, when they do roll over, certain protective devices are …

AARP Answers: Nursing Homes and the Coronavirus

By JohnNursing Home Abuse & Neglect

The AARP recently posted a good, general article about how to deal with loved ones in a nursing home during the Covid-19 pandemic. We especially like this excerpt from the article: “What can I do to support my loved one? Stay connected. It’s crucial for your loved one’s well-being, physically and emotionally. Isolation “can have very real and serious health …

Gas Leaks and Explosions In Texas Homes Present Real Dangers

By JohnGas Explosions

This story out of the Austin area is an example of how undetected gas leaks in a home can cause real devastation. Sometimes gas leaks are due to forces beyond the control of man.  However, in many other instances, a gas appliance seller or gas suppler — LP gas (propane) or natural gas – has acted negligently by improperly installing …

Children Like to Climb on Furniture. It’s a Fact That Often Leads to Tragic Results

By CAMlawProduct Liability

Each year in the U.S., nearly 22,000 children are treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries suffered from a falling television, a piece of furniture, or an appliance. And, on average, a child will die every two weeks in America from such tip-over related injuries as a result of climbing on unsecured furniture, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety …

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