By JohnPolice Misconduct

A Texas man states that his dog, a blue healer named Cisco, was shot point blank and killed by an Austin police officer. The officer was responding to a 911 call about a domestic issue, but was given the wrong address.

Michael Paxton was playing Frisbee with his Australian cattle dog on Saturday afternoon, and went to get something from his truck in the driveway. As he approached his truck, the policeman walked up and drew his weapon. Paxton was frightened and then heard his 50-pound dog barking and coming from the backyard.

The dashcam shows Officer Thomas Griffin shouting, “Show me your hands!” to Paxton. Then Cisco barked. Officer Griffin said, “Get your dog!” and immediately a shot rings out, and Paxton urgently asked the officer why he shot his dog.

But Sgt. David Daniels of the Austin Police Department said the dog approached the officer aggressively, so Griffin shot Cisco to protect himself.

Paxton’s supporters state that since the officer asked Paxton to put his hands up, it was impossible for him to get his dog. Paxton also says his dog never tried to attack the officer, but that Cisco just ran up to Officer Griffin and challenged him.

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo apologized to Paxton on an Austin local radio show, which Paxton said meant a lot to him. A Facebook page called “Justice for Cisco” has begun to spread awareness and get support for police officers being trained in how to handle animals in those kinds of situations.

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