By CAMlawCar Accidents

A Dallas police officer was the victim of a hit and run on the morning of Tuesday, February 28th. He was responding to a call for back up for a stolen vehicle that was in a police chase. He drove across a grassy embankment to Interstate 35 E entrance ramp near 8th street when a minivan driving down the ramp hit his car and kept going.

The officer blacked out for a few moments, and was taken to the hospital, but he doesn’t have serious injuries.

If the officer had been killed, it would be considered a felony to flee the scene of the crash. Approximately 1,400 people are killed by hit and run drivers every year. Each day about four people die because of a hit and run.

Out of 3,000 motorists, 45 percent stated that they have had a parked car damaged. If you or a family member has been the victim of a hit and run, contact W.T. Johnson today to get the help you deserve. 

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