#MeToo and the Police

By JohnPolice Misconduct

Police officers are an integral part of a safe and thriving community. From the time we are children, society has taught us that the friendly neighborhood cop is always looking out for our best interests and to put the “bad guys” in jail. While that is certainly true for a majority of the hard-working policemen and women in our country, …

Who Polices the Police?

By JohnPolice Misconduct

The men and women of law enforcement are among the bravest individuals in the world. They wake up every day and go to a job that most of us cannot even imagine, rush into harm’s way to keep strangers safe, and face dangers that other people go to great lengths to avoid. Police officers throughout Texas who do their jobs …

Even Off-Duty, Officers Must Be Held Responsible

By JohnPolice Misconduct

In early September 2018, Dallas police officer Amber Guyger returned to her apartment complex after her shift and entered a unit she claims she thought was her own. Once inside the room, Guyger shot and killed the man who actually lived in the apartment, thinking he was an intruder. Guyger was still in uniform, but was off-duty at the time. …

The Troubling Trend of Police Sexual Misconduct

By JohnPolice Misconduct

A police officer is accused of an act of sexual misconduct at least every five days in the United States. A national analysis found more than 500 officer arrests for sexual misconduct over a three-year period. It’s hard to face these numbers, because police officers are supposed to be a source of trust and aid. As stories of egregious police …

Dispatchers Ignore Callers, Should Be Held Liable

By JohnPolice Misconduct

In July 2015 in New Mexico, a 911 dispatcher received a call from a woman attempting to keep her friend alive after he suffered a gunshot wound at a house party. Both the caller and the dispatcher became frustrated and the following conversation ensued:

Airbnb Incident Shows Off America’s Racist Side

By JohnPolice Misconduct

Recently, three black Airbnb guests were met by seven police cars as they attempted to check out of their rental unit in California. The neighbor who called the police made the call because the departing guests didn’t wave back to her or smile at her. The woman said the guests were unfamiliar in the neighborhood and looked suspicious carrying their …

When You Shouldn’t Trust the Badge

By JohnPolice Misconduct

In early February 2018, a New Jersey police officer was criminally charged after being accused of domestic violence and harassment two days in a row. The 27-year-old officer reportedly burst into a woman’s home and slapped a man in the face after refusing to leave the residence. A day later, he harassed a woman at a restaurant and then followed …

What You Should Know About Police Brutality

By JohnPolice Misconduct

As of February 2018, 108 people have already been shot and killed by police, an average of 3 people per day. In a news conference in January, the family of Tommy Le, a high school student shot three times by police last year, announced that they have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against King County, Washington, where he was …

Wrongful Death: Jailed Man Dies After Guards Ignore His Severe Food Allergy

Due to a complete lack of responsibility, an inmate in the state of Washington is now dead due to negligence. 22-year-old Michael Saffioti has had extreme dairy allergies his entire life according to his mother Rose. He had been incarcerated in the Snohomish County Jail once before, and the guards knew him and his dietary needs prior to his recent …

Florida Murderers Escape Prison with Accidental Release

After weeks of searching, authorities have detained two escaped convicts, they’re believed to have forged court documents that permitted their release. 34 year-old Joseph Jenkins has been serving a 50 year sentence since 1998 for the home invasion, armed robbery, and murder of Roscoe Pugh Jr. Jenkins was also charged with car theft in 1997, adding 5 years to his …

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