When You’re Not The Only One

When a large number of people have similar legal claims, they may choose to join together into a class action lawsuit. Then, instead of many individual claims with many different attorneys, the group of people can work together with one, unified legal team to sue the entity, company or organization that caused them harm. Class action claims typically involve a product that has injured many people or an organization that has discriminated against a group of employees, tenants or clients.

If you are thinking about filing a class action lawsuit, you need the support and counsel of an experienced Texas class action lawyer who has successfully handled similar cases. Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP have a legal team that is passionate about pursuing justice and fair financial compensation for people injured in any way.

Texas Class Action Case Results

  • $2.25 Million Settlement – Class action case over confidential matter

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When Can a Class Action Claim in Texas Be Filed?

A class action lawsuit is preferable to many individual claims when the victims have suffered similar types of injuries or damages. Class action claims are not always advisable for people who have suffered more serious injuries or damages compared to other claimants. It’s up to each individual victim to decide if joining a class action suit is in their best interest.

A class action claim is the best option when there are too many plaintiffs to include everyone in a standard injury lawsuit. Once the class action claim is filed, only one or a few representatives will be involved in the claim process. Most people in the class action case won’t be involved in the day-to-day details of the case. Once the class action case is closed, all claimants will receive instructions regarding how they can get their share of the damages awarded.

What the Plaintiff Must Prove

After filing a class action complaint, the court will certify the group’s complaints. Each case is different, but the plaintiff must prove:

  • The representative for the group has suffered the same alleged injuries as the rest of the class.
  • There are enough victims to make individual lawsuits impractical.
  • The members of the class have the same set of facts and legal interests regarding how they were hurt and the injuries they suffered.
  • The individual claims are so similar that one decision will adequately decide the other claims.
  • Class action is the best and most efficient option for resolving the claims.

Understanding the Process of a Class Action Lawsuit in Texas

Once the class is certified, the case will continue. When the negligent company or organizations settles a class action case, everyone who was injured by the defendant’s actions is given a percentage of the damages. In cases where it’s too difficult to identify and contact every one of the victims, a fund should be created for anyone who can prove they were harmed.

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