By JohnPolice Misconduct

A Dallas police officer who should have been preventing crime has been accused of causing it. Officer Erica Montanez, 25, is now on administrative leave after she was accused of DWI, hitting a car and attempting an escape.

She was in the left turn only lane of the service road of Central expressway at Mockingbird Lane, but instead of turning she went straight. Then her vehicle hit a black Mercedes and Montanez kept going, and weaving in and out of traffic to try to get away.

Yet the traffic prevented her from going too far, and the man she hit followed her as she took the Knox/Henderson exit to a gas station. He called the police who arrested her.

Officer Erica Montanez is a two-year-veteran assigned to the Southeast Patrol Division. Traffic reports state that she admitted to the officers that arrested her that she had had three cosmopolitans at a NorthPark Center restaurant before the accident later that evening. She was arrested for leaving the scene and DWI.

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