Wells Pedestrian Accident Kills Child, Injures Another

By CAMlawPedestrian Accidents

Two children in Wells, Texas were driving a motorized scooter on County Road 2734 and were struck by a Honda Accord. Six-year-old David Stone, died on the scene and his brother, 12-year-old Davion Stone, was taken to the hospital by helicopter and is in stable condition. The driver, Randall Richard of Cleveland, TX, did not have a license, registration or …

4th Pedestrian Accident at Dangerous Intersection

By CAMlawPedestrian Accidents

A few days before Christmas, another pedestrian was hit by a car in the intersection of Cedar Springs and Knight Street (see Google Maps). The 72-year-old man suffered injuries but was released from the hospital on Christmas day. The accident marks the fourth time a pedestrian was struck on Cedar Springs Road in the past two months, prompting officials to …

Pedestrian Injuries Increase in 2010

By CAMlawPedestrian Accidents

The recently released report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration brought good news to many; road deaths in general fell significantly as motor vehicle crashes became less frequent. However, even in light of recent data, one form of transportation is still becoming more and more dangerous: walking. The report showed that pedestrian injuries from car crashes has jumped 4.2% …

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