Using Smartphones Smartly

By JohnDistracted Driving

The smartphone may be the greatest and most terrifying invention of the century. We, as a society, have come to depend on our electronic gadgets and gizmos to remind us of everything from birthdays to business meetings, and of course, to keep up our social connections.

Increase in Dallas County School Bus Accidents

By JohnCommercial Vehicles

School bus drivers are held to heightened standards. They are required to deliver students on time 95% of the time while being expected to adhere strictly to all the rules of the road. How can a school bus driver maintain safety as a top priority, when school boards focus on timeliness? How, indeed. A 103% increase in school bus crashes …

Don’t Click and Drive

By JohnDistracted Driving

We live in an age of instant gratification. We are all accustomed to getting “likes” the minute we post or share something on social media, to finding gas stations without having to open a phone book, and using our smartphones to help us collect memories. Sometimes, we want to do that while we are driving.

Driving in Flooded Streets

By JohnCar Accidents

As Texans begin the slow recovery process from Hurricane Harvey, the unfortunate truth is that many people will disregard or fail to comprehend the danger of driving down flooded streets. But that danger is very real and needs to be respected – because underestimating it can be a deadly mistake.

Staying Safe on the Road to the Playoffs

By JohnCar Accidents

The Dallas Cowboys’ season so far has been an exciting one. And at this point, many folks may be planning to attend the games. With their history of making the playoffs, the Cowboys are looking good this year. For many fans, the journey to the playoffs is one they watch from the safety and comfort of their couches at home. …