February Children’s Products Recalls

By devProduct Liability

The toys that your kids play with might seem harmless, but many have been recalled because they can potentially injure your children. To help you stay up-to-date on toy recalls, here are the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s children’s products recalls for February: Dynacraft Monster High City Motor Scooter and Hello Kitty City Motor Scooter These scooters are being recalled …

Harvard Tablet App Helps Doctors Monitor Brain Injuries

By devBrain Injuries

For those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, it can be difficult for doctors to track their patients’ neuromuscular performance. Many times they have to use subjective data like monitoring their patients hand-eye coordination. But according to a recent press release, now a new tablet app called NeuroAssess created by Harvard researchers may be able to quantitatively measure neuromuscular performance …

4 Common Driver Errors that Lead to Car Accidents

By devCar Accidents

More than 90 percent of car accidents are caused by driver errors. Many lives would be saved if drivers were more cautious when handling their vehicles. To help keep you safe on the roads, here are some of the top driver errors to look out for: Distracted Driving: We’ve all heard you shouldn’t text and drive, but do you really …

Do Helmets Really Help Prevent Brain Injuries?

By devBrain Injuries

“Do I have to wear my helmet??” You might hear this every time your kids go bike riding. You probably tell them, “Yes!!” But sometimes you might wonder if helmets really do prevent head and brain injuries. Don’t worry, they definitely do. In 70 percent of cases, when helmets are worn correctly they are effective in preventing damage on impact. …

Should Texas Nursing Homes Have Hidden Cameras?

By devNursing Home Abuse & Neglect

If you have recently moved a family member to a nursing home, you can’t be there to protect your loved one every moment of the day. You must trust that the Texas nursing home you chose will provide adequate care and protection. Unfortunately, there are instances every year of physical, emotional, financial and sexual abuse at Texas nursing homes. Instances …

Texas Police Chase Ends in Intersection Crash

By devWrongful Death

One person was hospitalized after a recent police chase in Fort Worth ended in an intersection crash. The police chased the speeding car through residential neighborhoods until the car flew through a red light, past a group of pedestrians and finally hit a tree in someone’s yard before the driver was ejected from the vehicle. Police are still not sure …

How to Get Justice after an Accident with an Uninsured Driver

By devCar Accidents

Texas car crash injury attorneys know that pursuing financial compensation following a crash can be difficult and stressful, especially when the at-fault driver is uninsured. If you have been involved in a collision with an uninsured motorist, or with a driver who left the scene of the crash, call a skilled attorney immediately who can help you understand your legal …

How Car Accidents Can Lead to Amputation Injuries

By devCar Accidents

Texas car accident victims often suffer devastating injuries that require extensive treatment and time off work. Most injuries, such as lacerations and bone fractures, can heal over time if treated properly. Yet some injuries could last a lifetime, such as when victims lose one or more limbs. The Dallas amputation injury lawyers at the Law Offices of W.T. Johnson understand …

The Danger of Jackknife Truck Crashes in Texas

By devCommercial Vehicles

When a tractor trailer jackknifes, the trailer will fold into the vehicle, forming an acute angle with the tractor. Jackknife truck accidents are extremely dangerous to the driver and to anyone near the out-of-control vehicle. It’s common for these types of truck crashes to result in serious injuries and death. Jackknife accidents can result in a rollover, a runaway trailer …

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